Monday, 23 March 2009

An Update

Today, I will mostly be brainstorming dates and venues.

There have been a couple of suggestion regarding venues. The consensus so far is to find a 'traditional' pub in the centre of Cardiff. Which considering the yuppification of the city centre is easier said than done.

Hopefully I'll have a meeting which will sort out a decent webpage for the event and will be able to bounce ideas of someone else.

Any suggestions/ideas/offers of help please don't hesitate to contact me via

Facebook: Welsh Bloggers In The Pub

Or just leave a commen here or at The Cynical Dragon.


Sweet and Tender Hooligan


What about the tut and shive? That is traditional and not too far from the Centre?

Dave Raybould

That's one for the list

Sweet and Tender Hooligan

God Dave - sorry i am not with the programme! haha


I didn't mean it like that, you suggested it, so I put it on the list.

The list is pretty long now.

I think I'll start pruning it based on my own prejudices.


No Wetherspoons (alright for a quick drink but not for a whole night)

No blaring drum and bass on the jukebox

No chavs

No cappuccino machines..

etc etc

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